I can’t put anymore emphasis on how much I listen to podcasts….it’s a free resource to learn just about anything. I even discovered soundcloud and my whole world has changed. You can pretty much go to soundcloud, search for anything in your field…whether lawyer”, “doctor” or “mechanic” and it is right there.

I listen to podcasts while I wash dishes, doze off and do work. Its such an easy access and actually my main source of information which is accessible from either a PC or App on your device. Finding podcasts are really not hard and by finding a list of podcasts, you can subscribe and listen to discussions about current topics, relate to them and improve your intellectual insight.

If you can relate to what I’m talking about and have suggestions, feel free to let me know but in the meantime, here are few examples;



Tech Podcast


Football lovers

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    Absolutely love that you have kept the ads short and interesting, which leaves me wanting to find out more!

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